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Keyword stuffing is one of the worst mistakes an SEO article writer can make. If you think your best shot at SEO writing is by ramming as many keywords in as possible, well it’s not. Think about which sentence sounds better:”Article writing is a good thing to do because when article writing you are making sure your article writing is the best article writing around”. Alright, now try this “Want to learn the best ways to improve your article writing? Try using relevant alternatives for describing words from a thesaurus, so that your article writing efforts hold more variety and are more interesting to read”. Which one is better? The second of course – even though it contains the keyword/keyphrase “article writing” half the amount as the first, it makes more sense. And with search algorithms improving constantly, search engines are finding new ways of spotting relevant content instead of just the amount of keywords. So if you keyword stuff, you’re not on to a winner.

Keep your dentist website simple and easy to navigate. The last thing your visitors want to see is a “LOADING… ” bar. Keep in mind that many of the visitors might be looking for dentists during emergencies. Therefore, they might not have the patience. The website should be inviting; less of fluff and more of matter.

You can score a spot in Google Places by using citations. Have your company listed in all the existing business directories if possible. Note that you have to be consistent in the information you provide. If you write “St.” instead of “Street,” all other listings should be spelled the same. Another method is through reviews. Although Google will only display reviews from them, getting feedback from websites, such as Trip Advisor and Yelp, can help strengthen your presence.



關鍵字堆砌是SEO文章的作家可以做的最糟糕的錯誤之一。如果你覺得你最好的拍攝是在搜索引擎優化寫作搗為盡可能多的關鍵字,以及它的。想想這句話聽起來更好:“文章寫作是一件好事,做,因為寫文章時你正在努力確保您的文章寫作是最好的文章寫作,圍繞著”。好了,現在試試這個“想要了解的最佳途徑,以改善您的文章寫作,從詞庫中描述的話,請嘗試使用相關的替代品,讓你的文章寫作,努力保持多品種,更有趣的閱讀”。哪一個更好呢?第二個過程 – 即使它包含的關鍵字/關鍵短語“文章”半量為先,它使更多的意義。與不斷提高的搜索算法,搜索引擎正在尋找新的方法發現相關內容,而不僅僅是量的關鍵字。所以,如果你的關鍵字的東西,你不上的贏家。

如果你不想落入一個陷阱,它的內容提交到客戶端,文章的目錄或博客的內容是不可靠的。網站你的源代碼,並在可能的情況下提供證明您的發現 – 可疑內容的不被信任,最有可能的,拒絕或者未繳足的。



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Now when you know who all your competitors are, do a proper patrolling of their websites from time to time. A website can give you the complete information of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor which will help you in taking them head on.

•You will be known as a certified seo professional after getting training from a reputable institute. And this will impact your business a lot. You can tell your clients that you are a certified professional and know all the ups and downs of this field. In fact, it will help you in convincing your clients in a better way.